32 bit vs 64 bit - BUT WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN????

32 bit vs 64 bit - BUT WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN????

So your new computer has a "64 BIT" sticker on it? But what does that mean and what are BITS?

The number of bits in a processor refer to the size of the DATA bytes that it can handle and the size of its registry. A 64 BIT CPU can on average access over 4 billion times as much physical memory than a 32 BIT CPU.

So, in short, they are faster. A 32 BIT system will only recognise 3.2 gb RAM , so, while this is fine if your machine has say, 4 gb RAM or less, if you want to run more than you'll need a 64 BIT CPU and OS.

Most 32 BIT software will run on a 64 BIT system, but not the other way around. Most later computers now days are all 64 BIT so soon, 32 BIT stuff will be a thing of the past.

If you are planning to use graphic intensive programs such as video editing and games, then 64 BIT is a must. Don't forget to follow us on FaceBook -


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